What is the "Is This Okay? Application Software for Professionals?


  • The “Is This Okay? Application Software” (sometimes referred to as, ITOApp or ITO APP.. Found at IsThisOkay? in your app stores and IsThisOkayApp.com on the web) replaces time spent searching the internet for acne-prone skin known problem ingredients and then matching them to the ingredient decks. (Think How it started vs. How it’s going) Now, simply scan and get a clear answer! 

  • Use It Anywhere: Scans & Results can be done quickly in the treatment room, waiting room, storefront, or used at a trade show to showcase your product ingredients on acne-prone skin.

  • Searchable Database: Use ITOApp’s copy/paste feature to search the ingredients & why they are triggers for acne-prone skin

  • Triggered Ingredient Resources supplied upon delivery of result- A unique feature for science-focused professionals.  

  • Educational Training Tool: Many of our users say that the ITOApp allows them to train their employees or co-workers in the Salon or Sap about the products their customers are using, helping to boost overall product sales and revenue.


Is This Okay? Application software Results for Acne Skincare

The mobility and functionality of this professional software application allows for multiple business uses, such as:

  • Time-Saver for your daily texts, calls, and product questions asking, “Is This Okay?”
  • Provides fast accurate results whether scanning a boxed or bottled product, uploading an ingredient label photo, or even using copy and paste.
  • Questioning a single ingredient? Simply type it in and instantly get the info.


  • Can be set up on a tripod in the waiting room and have your clients scan their own products before their appointments. 
  • Can be set up on your phone for when a client sends a picture of a label, you can upload that photo and quickly reply “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” response. 
  • Can be used in your treatment room during initial client consultation to showcase what products they’ll need to replace.
  • Training tool for storefront, expos, or trade show booths. 
  • Training tool for teaching ingredients to new employees in the spa. 
  • Sales tool to easily open the door to new product purchase needs– bundle products you have in stock to match commonly THUMBS DOWN product categories that you see in your spa. 
  • Can be used to learn about ingredients via the searchable database feature. 

How To Use This App

Would you want to offer this application software to your network or business clients- but with YOUR branding? Schedule a consultation with our App Development Team.